Short Summary

Exciting opportunity to invest up to £1.5m into Reality Gaming Group, a games studio that has developed a geo-location Augmented Reality platform and peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital items and in-game collectibles. EIS eligible.


  • The next generation AR mobile gaming + in-game assets trading platform
  • Team with exits has strong experience in games, apps, data and blockchain
  • Developers with 20 years+ experience at Disney, Activision, Xbox, Vive
  • Reality Clash is the first game to use the AR and items trading platform
  • Named by Blockchain Gamer as the most anticipated Blockchain Game of 2019

The Business

Reality Gaming Group (RGG) has created a completely new kind of gaming experience. RGG have built the next generation of gaming technology and are the only games studio that has developed an AR geo-location based gaming platform, with an in-game digital asset trading marketplace powered by Blockchain.

The first game to launch that uses both the mobile AR platform and digital trading platform is Reality Clash (think Pokemon Go meets Call Of Duty). Within the first few months the game has had over 40,000 downloads.

But what makes this game unique is you can buy in-game limited edition weapons and sell them to friends or trade them in their marketplace and maybe even make money.

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The Market

AR mobile games

● Augmented Reality is forecast to hit $120 billion by 2020 (Digi Capital) – Games are the biggest driver in AR

AR – Geo Location Games

● PokemonGo has made $2 billion since launch

● The Walking Dead: Our World made $1.7m in revenue in 55 days

● Harry Potter Wizards Unite made $1m in its first 4 days

The in-game collectibles market

● Virtial in-game items and DLC accounted for $80 billion in games revenue in 2017

● Digital Crypto Collectibles will be worth $200 billion (Forbes)

● Digital Collectible cards generate $1.5 Billion today


● The management team has strong experience in games, apps, data and the blockchain and have successfully built and sold companies in the past

● The developers have worked for over 20 years for companies such as Disney, Activision, Xbox, Vive and Oculus

● £1.5m already invested in developing the geo-location AR and asset trading platforms, in addition to the Reality Clash mobile game and its weapons trading marketplace.

● First to market with an AR mobile game combined with a digital asset trading platform

● Successfully launched their first game Reality Clash on Apple and Google app stores

● 40,000+ downloads in the first few months after UK soft launch

● 6,500 weapons sold in their online armory store

● 1.4 million Reality Clash Coins spent in the armory store


Following the successful initial MVP (minimal viable product) launch of Reality Clash the company is now raising capital to develop new game features for Reality Clash plus new digital assets such as weapons, skins, accessories and clothing for the trading platform.

(Full roadmap can be requested separately)

● The capital will also be used to increase user acquisition and marketing budgets.

RGG will license their platforms to other games companies that want to move into AR gaming and in-game asset trading.

Within 5 years RGG want to be the world's leading AR and digital trading platform provider like ‘Unity’ is for games. We want to develop new ground-breaking gaming experiences for players, develop more games and license this technology to other games studios.

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The Team

● Experience in growing and scaling companies

● Successfully build and sold companies in the past

● Launched & developed successful mobile, console, and PC games

● Managed high level games development teams

● Managed and built developer teams in London, Copenhagen, Philippines, & Ukraine


Morten Rongaard

Danish entrepreneur who always believed in the future of the cryptocurrency world! If you ask why, I can go on talking for hours! My experience with cryptocurrencies started a long time ago, but now, I am helping people to go into it themselves. If you heard about Reality Clash already - I am proud to say that I am a part of it. As a speaker for the ICO and the original brain behind the game, I am a part of the world’s first augmented reality combat game. Now, packed with all the knowledge and experience, I am out to spread the word as help other companies achieve the success we achieved!

CEO of Reality Gaming Group Ltd and the person behind the original concept of the game Reality Clash - the world’s first augmented reality combat game implementing blockchain technology.

Tony Pearce

Tony is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in gaming, tech and mobile for over 25 years. Previously to co-founding Reality Gaming Group, Tony launched GamesGRABR a social network for gamers and was CEO of Player X one of the largest mobile games distributors in Europe before being acquired.

Paul Mottram

Lead Developer
Lead Programmer/Company Director experience at Kuju Entertainment and Wide Games Limited. Co-founder at Near Light. 12 years experience at Zoe Mode.

Ben Hebb

Executive Producer
Experience as Lead Artist Kuju Entertainment. Principle Artist Wide Games LTD. 12 years at Zoe Mode Director of Art and Production. Co-founder Near Light.

Henry Hoffman

Technology Framework
After project lead on the Microsoft-published, BAFTA-winning game Mush, I co-founded Mudvark and created the million-plus-downloaded game Mortar Melon. My follow-up game Hue won over 25 industry awards, enjoying a successful release across Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Steam.

Nick Robinson

Technical Director


Terri Leary

Operations Manager
Terri is an experienced Personal Assistant, Global Office Manager and Operations Manager with over 15 years’ experience working in fast growing tech and entertainment companies supporting CEO and Founder’s.

Sam Barkaway

Influencer Marketing Manager
Sam has worked in the influencer marketing scene for 5 years now, prominently in the gaming and tech sector. I have a lot of experience in campaign management as well as influencer management. He has also run multiple social media accounts for various brands, worked heavily in the creatives and proposal delivery, been a speaker multiple times around influencer marketing.
In his free time I enjoy gaming mainly on the Nintendo, snowboarding, and creating art.

Jake Scott

Community Manager
Until late 2017, I worked at an excellent law firm in Newcastle Upon Tyne and have been proud to work there for many years in varying roles of ascending responsibility. My previous role provided experience in time-management and client care through my dealing with a considerable client caseload. I represented the firm at several events and worked in Family Law, Criminal, Employment and Personal Injury matters. Currently working as the Community Manager for Reality Gaming Group Ltd. We are developing 'Reality Clash' - the world's first augmented reality combat game for mobile with an asset economy which is enabled and proven via the Ethereum blockchain.

Nikola Mukoski

Wed Developer
Three years Lead Developer at Wehoo.

Jove Stojchevski

Web Designer
Six years chief design officer at Wehoo.
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