An exciting opportunity to invest up to £1.5m into Reality Gaming Group (RGG), a games studio that was founded in 2017 and has developed two platforms;

The DAT Platform – A digital asset transfer and trading platform that creates tokenized digital items & collectibles logged on the blockchain, known as NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens).

The Reality Studios – An Augmented Reality geo-location games platform for mobile.

The first game to launch on these platforms is Reality Clash an action-packed and innovative AR mobile combat game with in-game digital item trading logged and secured on the blockchain. Think Pokémon Go meets Call Of Duty with tradable in game assets.


  • The management team has strong experience in games, apps, data and blockchain development and have successfully built and sold companies in the past.
  • The developers have worked for over 20 years for companies such as Disney, Activision, Xbox, Vive and Oculus
  • Reality Gaming Group is pioneering the next generation of games and digital items that will unlock new revenue streams
  • Leader in tokenizing digital items (NFT’s) allowing gamers to transfer items between games or sell them to other players
  • In January 2020 Reality Gaming Group was announced as the top 25 blockchain games company in the world
  • The first game to use both the mobile AR and digital items transfer & trading platform is Reality Clash
  • Reality Clash is the winner of numerous awards, Best Blockchain Game, Best AR/VR Game, Best Creativity Awards
  • New games planned for release in 2020 using the DAT platform include licenses from the BBC such as Doctor Who

The Business

Games are changing, players now want more immersive experiences and true item ownership.

Reality Gaming Group (RGG) has created a completely new kind of gaming experience. RGG have built the next generation of gaming technology and are the only games studio that has developed an AR geo-location based gaming platform, with an in-game digital asset trading marketplace powered by Blockchain technology

The first game to launch that uses both the mobile AR platform and digital trading platform is Reality Clash (think Pokemon Go meets Call Of Duty).

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But what makes Reality Clash unique is you can buy in-game limited edition weapons from the online store and sell them to friends or trade them in the marketplace or even use them in different games.

RGG are developing new games which feature NFT’s and (subject to this funding) will be developing new games with IP from the BBC including a mobile AR Geo location Dalek game and unique Doctor Who trading card blockchain game with limited edition collectible cards.

Digital assets and collectibles (NFT’s) are a game changer for games designers and players and a new $100 billion industry and Reality Gaming Group is at the forefront of it.

The Market

A $100 Billion Addressable Market – NFT’s & AR

NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens)

NFT’s will unlock a $100 billion collectibles market on the bockchain

Tradable NFT’s have increased 350% 2018/2019

Estimated to increase 1000% in 2020

AR mobile games

Augmented Reality is forecast to hit $120 billion by 2020 (Digi Capital) – Games are the biggest driver in AR

AR – Geo Location Games

Over 1 billion AR enabled devices in existence today

All new smart phones will be AR enabled

Combined revenue for AR enabled games Pokemon Go, Harry Potter and Walking Dead $3.5 billion

Progress / Proof

  • The management team has strong experience in games, apps, data and the blockchain and have successfully built and sold companies in the past
  • The developers have worked for over 20 years for companies such as Disney, Activision, Xbox, Vive and Oculus
  • £1.5m already invested in 2017 developing the DAT and Reality Studios platforms plus the mobile game Reality Clash and trading platform
  • First to market with an AR mobile game combined with a digital asset trading platform
  • Successfully launched Reality Clash on Apple and Google app stores
  • 50,000+ downloads in first few months
  • 10,000 NFT weapons sold in their online armory store
  • 1.5 million Reality Clash Coins spent in the armory store
  • New IP from the BBC


Following the successful launch of Reality Clash the company is now raising capital to scale up live ops, marketing and development resource for its platforms and new titles.

In addition we will be licensing the DAT platform to brands and entertainment companies to unlock new revenue streams from their existing IP.


In January 2020 Reality Gaming Group was named top 25 blockchain games company in the world (by Pocket Gamer), not bad for a two year old company!

Our aim is to be the worlds number one games developer and creator of blockchain tokenized assets (NFT’s) for large IP owners.

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The Team

● Experience in growing and scaling companies

● Successfully build and sold companies in the past

● Launched & developed successful mobile, console, and PC games

● Managed high level games development teams

● Managed and built developer teams in London, Copenhagen, Philippines, & Ukraine



Morten Rongaard

Morten Rongaard is a Danish entrepreneur and CEO of Reality Gaming Group, publisher of Reality Clash - the world’s first Augmented Reality (AR) mobile combat game to implement blockchain technology.

Recognised as a pioneer in the fields of video games, AR technology, the blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, Morten is a regular speaker around the world on those topics and holds board & advisory positions across a number of companies in those sectors.

Morten has the rare skill of being able to combine creative thinking with financial acumen, having developed Reality Clash from concept to release, while being a key driver behind Reality Gaming Group’s hugely successful ICO fundraising activity.

This Danish Viking is eager to share his knowledge and experience to help as many other companies as possible realise their dreams in the world of games and blockchain.

Tony Pearce

Tony is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in gaming, tech and mobile for over 25 years. Previously to co-founding Reality Gaming Group, Tony launched GamesGRABR a social network for gamers and was CEO of Player X one of the largest mobile games distributors in Europe before being acquired.

Terri Leary

Operations Manager
Terri is an experienced Personal Assistant, Global Office Manager and Operations Manager with over 15 years’ experience working in fast growing tech and entertainment companies supporting CEO and Founder’s.

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