Create digital collectibles to be traded, sold or used in games.

Create new gaming experiences and collectibles utilising blockchain technology

Buy in-game items, use them in other games or sell them to your friends.

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reality gaming group voted top-25 blockchain games company

Connect & Play

Reality Studios creates games to include digital collectibles and items across, mobile, AR and web.

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Collectibles Store and Marketplace

We create custom, branded storefronts where users can buy packs or individual items of the digital assets you offer.

Using our marketplace, we create an exchange where customers can trade those assets and watch as their purchases soar in value

The market is big!

Blockchain technology will unlock a $100 billion collectibles market for game creators and brands. An exploding industry with 10X growth potential.

The digital collectibles (NFT) market cap has increased 579% 2017 to 2019.

Brands such as F1, NBA, Paramount Studios are tokenizing their items opening new recurring revenue streams.

The Ethereum network has processed over 20 million NFT transactions this year.