Create digital collectibles to be traded, sold or used in games.

Create new gaming experiences and collectibles utilising blockchain technology

Buy in-game items, use them in other games or sell them to your friends.

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reality gaming group voted top-25 blockchain games company

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Reality Studios develops PC and mobile games that integrate NFTs, digital collectibles and the blockchain

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Collectibles Store and Marketplace

Built for you

We create NFT’s, Smart Contracts and connect them to the blockchain

We create custom branded storefronts and marketplaces where users can buy & trade all types of digital collectible NFTs

The market is big!

Blockchain technology will unlock a $100 billion collectibles market for game creators and brands

The digital collectibles (NFT) market cap in 2020 $338m

Brands & IP holders such as BBC, NBA, Paramount Studios are tokenizing their items opening new recurring revenue streams.

NFTs are the future – an entirely new way to own something.