Welcome to Reality Gaming Group

We develop mass market games that utilize digital collectibles (NFT’s) and blockchain technology.


Founded in early 2017 RGG has developed two platforms and launched a games studio;


The DAT Platform – A digital asset transfer and trading platform that creates tokenized digital items & collectibles logged on the blockchain, known as NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens).


A platform to create online stores and trading marketplaces for NFT’s.


We also create great games within the Reality Studio – a games studio focused on AR, mobile and browser based blockchain games.


Our first featured game is Reality Clash an action-packed and innovative AR mobile combat game with in-game digital item trading logged and secured on the blockchain. Think Pokemon Go meets Call Of Duty with tradable in game assets.



As seen in:

Mar 11, 2020

Virtual is about to get physical in the world of games

licensingsource.net – 11.03.20 Reality Gaming Group’s Tony Pearce on the unique opportunity for games publishers and brands to combine virtual and real world experiences. There has always been a physical element to video games, but historically that’s been limited…

Mar 10, 2020

Reality Gaming Group partners with Nagemon to bring gacha to Reality Clash

pocketgamer.biz – 10.03.20 Reality Gaming Group has partnered with NFT market Nagemon to bring gacha to its flagship title Reality Clash. The partnership will see weapons and other items from Reality Clash available on Nagemon’s virtual gacha terminals. Each randomly-won item will be tokenized on the blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT)…

Jan 31, 2020

Reality Clash: blockchain-based AR game. Pokemon GO meets FPS gaming

provably.com – 28.01.2020 Mobile games have been around for more than a decade. Ever since Steve Jobs announced the iPhone back in 2007, the snake game you’d find on any Nokia brick phone was soon left to the past. Instead, new and revolutionising games were designed for the smartphone…

Jan 30, 2020

Top 50 blockchain game companies 2020

blockchaingamer.biz – 24.01.2020 And so, this is it – our first Top 50 listing for the blockchain games sector. In keeping with the approach honed by our sister website PocketGamer.biz for the mobile games sector, the point of this annual list is to highlight companies that are innovating within a fast-moving industry…

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