Feb 16, 2021

Sick of yield farming? Your liquidity could save Earth from the Daleks

The decentralized finance craze has provided endless opportunities for token holders to farm yield through staking their assets in a wide variety of liquidity pools. But for those who yearn for something a little more tangible than yet another “worthless” token in return for locking up theirs, Reality Gaming Group has another option.

Feb 16, 2021

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card packs available now

Free-to-play multiplayer game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart will be hitting PC and mobile next year, but fans can start their collection now. Packs of the cards can be purchased as of today, allowing you to start searching for your favourite characters from the sci-fi show.

Feb 16, 2021


Reality Gaming Group and Coinify have announced a global partnership for virtual currency payment processing, with the first implementation deployed for the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart digital trading card game. Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is an officially licensed digital trading card game based on the popular BBC Studios TV series, Doctor Who.

Feb 16, 2021

Herotainment teams with Reality Gaming Group on Smighties Universe

One-of-a-kind digital collectables based on Smighties characters to launch following deal. Reality Gaming Group has partnered with New York entertainment company Herotainment to create one-of-a-kind digital collectables based on Smighties – the smallest and mightiest heroes in the universe.

Feb 16, 2021


ASK INDIES, WHERE WE ASK INDIE GAMES DEVELOPERS ONE QUESTION RELATED TO INDIE GAMES. WE ASKED, HOW DO INDIE GAMES GET POPULAR? Making Indie Games ain’t easy, pretty sure that’s a Country and Western song, but it’s also very true. One of the biggest challenges once you have an incredible game is getting it played and making it popular. Do you need mega budgets? Does it just happen? Is it witchcraft? We put it to the indie developers, how do […]

Feb 16, 2021

Official ‘Doctor Who’ Merchandise Is Coming to the Blockchain

BBC Studios has officially entered the blockchain gaming space after partnering with Reality Gaming Group to develop a digital trading game for the popular TV series, Doctor Who. This marks the first time that the British public service broadcaster has used blockchain technology to market their intellectual property.

Feb 16, 2021

Emojibles Game Coming on The Blockchain

There is no doubt that Emojis have taken a significant role in our day-to-day virtual communications. We use them to express feelings, show gratitude, and even avoid conversations. Now it’s time for head-to-head battles in the upcoming Emojibles game.

Feb 16, 2021


ASK INDIES, WHERE WE ASK INDIE GAMES DEVELOPERS ONE QUESTION RELATED TO INDIE GAMES. WE ASKED, WHY ARE INDIE GAMES BETTER THAN AAA? The great debate, indies v AAA, is one better than the other? Are they all part of the same ecosystem? Or does one need the other to survive? We put the question to our Indie Devs, why are indie games better than AAA?

Feb 16, 2021


In this latest Ask Indies, where we ask indie games developers one question related to indie games. We asked: What’s the future for indie games? The Ask Indies series is a great chance to get the answers straight from the experts on indie games. It’s also an opportunity for indie devs to update the community on their projects and progress.

Feb 13, 2021

Want to be part of a new $100 million collectibles market. Let me know if we can help.

Reality Gaming Group – developer of the AR game Reality Clash – has launched a new platform that enables brands to create and sell digital collectibles. The firm’s Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform uses blockchain technology to turn any IP into a rare and collectible digital asset that can be traded between fans using dedicated marketplaces.