“In times of crisis we must invest in the future of games”, that was the headline of an article I wrote for MCV back in May of last year.

My point was basically this: We clearly had major challenges presented to us with COVID-19, but as an industry, we also had an opportunity.

Games continued to be in a great position whether you were a player, developer, publisher or investor. What I couldn’t have imagined back then was just how much of a challenge 2020 would be, from national lockdowns to political upheavals and riots to catastrophic natural disasters… we’ve had it all.

In stark contrast, and perhaps partially due to such turbulent global events, interest and investment in virtual economies and digital assets has boomed, more than we’ve ever seen before. The Decentralised Application (DAPP) market has exploded and is exceeding billion-dollar volumes of activity — more in the last two months than in all of 2020. The mainstream press is talking about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), with stories about Jack Dorsey auctioning his first tweet as an NFT for $2.5m, the artist Beeble selling one NFT artwork for $69 million — even the latest Kings Of Leon album is being tokenized on the blockchain. Interest in NFTs has never been higher.

Within the NFT ecosystem specifically, many individual sectors have seen success: Art, games and Digital assets all gained remarkable traction during 2020. This once niche and experimental market is quickly maturing into a force to be reckoned with. In short, NFTs are set to become the breakthrough technology that brings cryptocurrency and blockchain to the masses, combining the worlds of entertainment and investment.

Just a few years ago, the market size was tiny. In the last 30 days alone more than $200m in crypto collectibles and in-game NFTs have been sold. This huge potential for growth fuelled our ambitions as a company as we emerged from 2020 with no less than four products released during the height of the pandemic:

Reality Clash

For the uninitiated, Reality Clash is an action-packed and innovative multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game that combines mobile AR and in-game digital assets (NFTs) utilising the Ethereum blockchain.

We launched the Beta for iOS and Android in early-2020 and have just passed 100,000 installs, with excellent retention and an active community of players. Reality Clash remains the only game for which Apple have allowed NFTs as in-game items. These NFT weapons (RC GUNs) can be withdrawn or traded in our marketplace, with all gaming stats for each weapon automatically logged on the blockchain.

To date more than 10,000 NFT guns and over 2 million Reality Clash Coins (RCC) have been spent in the Armoury.

For the last three months we’ve been focusing on a major new update, scheduled for Q2, which includes:

  • Giving the players the ability to invite friends directly to PvP contests.
  • A new form of unobtrusive AR in-game advertising (think Blade Runner style ads) deployed in partnership with Admix.
  • Introducing a Combat Starter Pack Bundle of in-game items at discounted prices.
  • General bug fixes, game balancing, network and connectivity improvements.

To support the update, we have a full marketing campaign scheduled to run across Google, Facebook and the app stores during April and have engaged with a PR partner dedicated to the North American market. To learn more about Reality Clash, click here.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

Last year we announced an exclusive deal with the BBC to create a free-to-play tactical card game that gives players true ownership of their digital cards. All the cards are tokenized as NFTs allowing players to trade or sell their cards in our marketplace or go head-to-head with their card collections.

Players must strategically outsmart their opponents by building decks that are able to combat a wide variety of tactics. Choose your own path, fight alongside the Doctor and take on your opponent’s Cyberman or utilise the power of the Daleks to win the battle!

The card pre-sale launched in December and been an incredible success, with 40,000 packs sold and 200,000 individual cards registered as NFTs on the blockchain by March 2021.

Doctor Who Worlds Apart

Doctor Who Worlds Apart

In addition, we’ve built up a significant community of engaged collectors, ‘Whovians’ and gamers who have provided us with huge amounts of positive feedback and suggestions which we’ve used to improve the Worlds Apart experience.

The trading platform, which will enable collectors to exchange cards with each other, will launch April 2021, with a downloadable deck building tool scheduled for release at the end of Q2.

Finally, the full Doctor Who: Worlds Apart PC game will be released in October 2021, allowing players to go head-to-head with their card collections for the first time.

We will be releasing a brand-new pack of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart cards each month for players to collect, starting with Machines Of War (April), Lonely Assassins (May) and Time Lord Victorious (June). But be quick, we are expecting huge sales of each! The recent release of the Time Lord President pack sold 1650 units in the first 15 minutes of availability — equivalent to an incredible 110 packs a minute or 1.8 a second.

For more info on the game and latest development updates read our latest post — click here.


Smighties Universe is a new blockchain-fuelled experience that follows the Smighties — the smallest and mightiest heroes in the universe — as they make the long journey to Earth and reveal their important place in our own history.

Based on Herotainment’s popular cartoon series, we launched Smighties Universe in January, just two months ago. We already have a fast-growing online community with thousands of followers on social media and posts receiving upwards of 3,000 views. Early sales of the Smighties Pods have been tremendous, and fans are quickly filling the ‘Smighties Hotel’ we created for them to house (and show off) their collections.

The Smighties Universe will continue to evolve and grow as we progress through 2021, we have brought forward plans to launch a marketplace for trading Smighties NFTs, as well as games in which to use them, later this year.

There will be lots of exciting announcements coming soon for our cute collectible Smighties! For more info on Smighties Universe, click here.


RGG have an exclusive global license from JoyPixels to develop and publish ground-breaking tradable NFT emoji icons and a companion game based on the amazing world of emojis.

Having soft-launched last year, we are now in the process of a major update to Emojibles, with v2 set for release in July.

The companion Emojibles game, Emoji Clash, will be released for PC in 2022, allowing players to go head-to-head with their emoji collections.

For more info on Emojibles, click here.

DAT Platform, new licenses & DeFi

All of our games and NFTs have been created using our ground-breaking Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform, which can be deployed to create NFTs across a huge range of IPs and content types for our partners.

In fact, we are currently in discussions with leading players in the worlds of toys, games, music, film and TV, who have recognised the potential of NFTs and see Reality Gaming Group as the trusted partner they need to help unlock the amazing new revenue streams offered by the blockchain.

Our ambition extends beyond entertainment — we are proud to have partnered with the BBC once again to create original, tokenised artwork based on its iconic asset library, including Doctor Who.

RCC Liquidity Program on Uniswap Exchange

Our Reality Clash RCC token is now available to buy on the Uniswap exchange and we are looking to give back to those who have supported our first partner products through an innovative Liquidity Boost & Rewards Program. This will enable holders of the Reality Clash RCC token, including both ICO supporters and the mobile game community, to benefit from amazing rewards.

The RCC Liquidity Boost program has launched alongside a Uniswap pool, with RCC tokens and free NFTs worth hundreds of dollars up for grabs for anyone choosing to participate. The scheme adds RCC liquidity mining incentives and rewards that will further seed deep liquidity, offering a strong trading venue for those who wish to trade and buy RCC.

Our Uniswap pool can be found here

For more information on how to Buy RCC tokens on Uniswap and our NFT rewards program click here.

The future is exciting, we have amazing things planned and as we begin to see light at the end of the COVID tunnel we want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all our early investors, our friends at Velocity Capital Partners, the awesome team here at Reality Gaming Group and all the fans of our content.

For those of you new to Reality Gaming Group, please come and check us out at www.realitygaminggroup.com and sign up to our newsletter by clicking “contact us” for all the latest news. You will find links to all our games and information about our DAT platform on our website — if you want to make your IP, in-game items, artwork or even music into an NFT please get in touch.

Tony Pearce, Morten Rongaard & the RGG Team

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