turn your ip into tradable, digital collectibles.

Create, Sell and Trade Your Own NFTs

For years, gamers have spent billions of dollars buying in-game items with no ownership rights and zero sell-on value.

Reality Gaming Group helps developers and brands harness the power of the blockchain and non-fungible tokens to drive user acquisition and open new revenue streams with digital collectibles.



We help you create stunning NFTs, either by tokenizing existing assets or developing new in-game items, art or even music.


Drop NFT artwork or videos to your audience. Connect through featured spots on the worlds largest NFT marketplaces.


We can create a bespoke marketplace for your brand where your fans freely trade your NFTs and export to the blockchain.


Earn money from second hand sales forever, and keep full transparent records of ownership for every NFT you create.

Tokenize collectible assets into non-fungible tokens on the blockchain

Unlock new and recurring revenue streams for your customers to share your brand collectibles.


Create an engaging, online collectibles storefront

We develop online stores connected to a blockchain for you to sell your collectibles.



We can help you produce stunning NFTs either as static images or eye-catching animated videos.


Tokenize your in-game assets, or even create brand new games that utilise NFT technology via Reality Studios.


Amplify events with NFT that include “real world” benefits such as tickets or behind the scenes access.


Create NFTs to coincide with real world product launches, creating new revenue streams.

Create a marketplace

Enable your customers to trade their collectibles.

Create a secondary market and turn customers into lifelong fans.



Driven by blockchain data

Track every trade, sale and owner forever.

Understand your customers needs and behaviour before your competitors.

Authenticated and verified on the blockchain, protecting your IP from scams or fakes