Collect. Trade. Play.

Turn your brand and IP into digital collectibles, where they can be traded, sold, displayed or used in games.

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Tokenize collectible assets into non-fungible tokens on the blockchain

Unlock new and recurring revenue streams for your customers to share your brand collectibles.

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Create a collectibles online store

We develop online stores connected to a blockchain for you to sell your collectibles.

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Create a marketplace

Enable your customers to trade their collectibles.

Create a secondary market and turn customers into lifelong fans.

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Driven by blockchain data

Track every trade, sale and owner forever.

Understand your customers needs and behaviour before your competitors.

Authenticated and verified on the blockchain, protecting your IP from scams or fakes.

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Create a game

See our Reality Studios platform to build a game that your customers can use their collectibles in.

Utilise the blockchain for true interoperability by moving collectibles from one game to another.

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