Why did you set up Reality Gaming Group?

Quite simply, we had a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to push the boundaries of what could be possible, both creatively and commercially, if we combined Augmented Reality (AI), geo-location services and blockchain technology in a mobile game. The result was mobile AR combat game Reality Clash, which was also the catalyst for the development of our Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform solution and Reality Studios development operation.

How many people work at Reality Gaming Group?

We have a strong, ambitious team of digital entrepreneurs spread across offices in London and Denmark, with proven track records of scaling startups and exits in games and technology, all with years of experience working with the likes of Disney, Activision, Xbox, Vive and Oculus. You can read more about our team members here

What is the difference between Reality Gaming Group and Reality Clash?

Reality Gaming Group is a developer and publisher of games that utilize AR, location services, digital collectibles (NFTs) and blockchain technology.

We also have a market-leading Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform that helps game developers and brands turn any IP into a rare and collectible digital asset that can be traded between fans using dedicated marketplaces.

Reality Clash is a first-in-market mobile game that combines AR, geo-location and blockchain technology with powerful first-person combat gameplay. 10,000+ NFT weapons are used in Reality Clash, with more being built.

How can you help my business?

There are two ways we can work with you:

Firstly, our Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform uses blockchain technology to turn your brand and IP into digital collectible items (NFTs) that fans and players can buy, sell or trade, unlocking new and recurring revenue streams for your business.

Secondly, our Reality Studios operation can build you a mobile, console or PC game that your customers can use their collectibles in.

What is the Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform?

Our Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform uses innovative blockchain technology to turn any IP into a rare and collectible digital asset that can be traded between fans using dedicated marketplaces.

Why should I use your Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform?

The blockchain will unlock a $100 billion collectibles market for game creators and brands – our Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform takes care of the heavy lifting required to break into this market, encompassing the creation of collectibles by ‘tokenising’ them on the blockchain; the provision of a dedicated online store where the collectibles can be bought; a trading platform for fans to sell items peer-to-peer; and finally, even the creation of a game that the digital assets can be used with.

What problems does the Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform solve?

Until now, paid for in-game items and downloadable content have been owned and controlled by a game’s developer or publisher, with limited use outside of a game and with no ownership or distribution rights bestowed to the player. Once a game is no longer available, or the player stops playing, his or her investment in its in-game items is lost.

However, by ‘tokenizing’ in-game items on the blockchain using our DAT Platform, players are able to trade the items with each other and can cash in on their investment at any time. This opens up new possibilities in terms of commercial models for developers and publishers, and existing gameplay experiences for gamers.

How can my company generate new revenue streams from digital collectibles?

Once a range of collectible digital assets has been created using our Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform, brands and IP holders generate revenue both from the initial sale of each item and recurring revenue for every subsequent trade, forever. In addition, brands also gain valuable insights into customer needs and behaviours through digital asset trading activity.

Why are digital collectibles and the blockchain being used in games?

The digital collectibles market can be leveraged for any physical or virtual asset that has value within its fan community, including video-games, toys, merchandise, automotive, art, fashion, music, traditional collectibles and sports, and is a particularly powerful tool for creating secondary markets within existing brand ecosystems. Large brands already reaping the benefits of collectible digital assets include F1, the NFL and Paramount.

What is Reality Studios?

Reality Studios is our game development division, focused on AR, mobile and browser based blockchain games. Our first featured game is Reality Clash, an action-packed and innovative AR mobile combat game with in-game digital item trading logged and secured on the blockchain.

What projects is Reality Gaming Group currently working on?

We are currently working with numerous partners in the games and entertainment space to create new and exciting digital collectibles experiences using our Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform and Reality Studios division – check out our News section for the latest announcements!

In parallel to this, work is constantly ongoing to iterate our mobile AR combat game Reality Clash with new features and content.