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An exciting opportunity to be an early stage technology investor.

This is an exciting opportunity to be an early-stage technology investor. Invest in Reality Gaming Group (RGG), a technology platform & games studio, founded in 2017. We develop mass-market games that utilize blockchain technology.


• Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform

• Reality Studios


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Game Changers

A strong, ambitious team of digital entrepreneurs with proven track records of scaling startups and exits in games and technology.
Industry Leadership
Both our management and development teams are recognised as pioneers, experts and disruptors in both the traditional and blockchain games sectors. We’re frequently asked to talk at international conferences and to write thought-leadership articles across the media.
Our development team are well-respected professionals with a track record of working with companies such as Disney, Activision, Xbox, Vive and Oculus.
Reality Clash was a first-in-market mobile game that combined AR, geo-location and blockchain  technology with powerful first-person combat gameplay. 10,000+ NFT weapons are used in Reality Clash, with more being built.
Top-25 Blockchain Company
In January 2020, Reality Gaming Group was named as one of the Top-25 blockchain games companies in the world.
What’s next?
RGG is now offering its solutions to third parties, while new games using the DAT Platform planned for release in 2020 include well-known entertainment IP.

The market is big!

Blockchain technology will unlock a $100 billion collectibles market for game creators and brands. An exploding industry with 10X growth potential.

The digital collectibles (NFT) market cap has increased 579% 2017 to 2019.

Brands such as F1, NBA, Paramount Studios are tokenizing their items opening new recurring revenue streams.

The Ethereum network has processed over 20 million NFT transactions this year.

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Our soulutions

Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform: Create blockchain assets that integrate peer-to-peer marketplaces for rare digital items and in-game collectibles, tokenized and secured on the blockchain, across PC, console and mobile devices.

Reality Studios: Accelerated development of blockchain-enabled games across all platforms.

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Big Brands

We partner with license holders, such as the BBC, to create blockchain games with limited edition collectibles.

We’re currently developing new digital collectibles; including Doctor Who, Joy Pixels Emojis and Smighties.

Digital assets and collectibles (NFTs) are game changers. A new $100 billion industry category is being formed and we’re leading the pack.

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Our Accolades

Our Progress

£1.5m already invested
First to market with Reality Clash AR mobile game combined with a digital asset trading platform. Successfully launched on Apple and Google app stores.
50,000+ downloads in first few months
10,000 NFT weapons sold in their online armory store
1.5 million Reality Clash Coins spent in the armory store
New household brands coming soon
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Morten Rongaard

Morten Rongaard is a Danish entrepreneur and CEO of Reality Gaming Group, publisher of Reality Clash - the world’s first Augmented Reality (AR) mobile combat game to implement blockchain technology.

Recognised as a pioneer in the fields of video games, AR technology, the blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrencies, Morten is a regular speaker around the world on those topics and holds board & advisory positions across a number of companies in those sectors.

Morten has the rare skill of being able to combine creative thinking with financial acumen, having developed Reality Clash from concept to release, while being a key driver behind Reality Gaming Group’s hugely successful ICO fundraising activity.

This Danish Viking is eager to share his knowledge and experience to help as many other companies as possible realise their dreams in the world of games and blockchain.

Tony Pearce

Tony is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in gaming, tech and mobile for over 25 years. Previously to co-founding Reality Gaming Group, Tony launched GamesGRABR a social network for gamers and was CEO of Player X one of the largest mobile games distributors in Europe before being acquired.

Terri Leary

Operations Manager
Terri is an experienced Personal Assistant, Global Office Manager and Operations Manager with over 15 years’ experience working in fast growing tech and entertainment companies supporting CEO and Founder’s.

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