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Toikido, Herotainment and Reality Gaming Group launch first Smighties toys with NFTs

The physical NFT collectibles will be in stores this year, bringing the world of physical toys and NFTs together for the first time.

Tony Pearce, Co-Founder of Reality Gaming Group, said: “We’re sure fans of Smighties will be excited to own both a plush version of their favourite characters and a rare Smighties Universe digital collectible NFT.””

RGG Connects Doctor Who WITH POLYGON

By using Polygon, Reality Gaming Group will be able to solve pain points associated with blockchain games and collectibles  – including high energy usage, gas fees, and slow speeds – all without compromising security.

New Hires: adam Mottram and more join rgg

To drive global growth, the team have ramped up its staff headcount with brand new hires to its marketing and dev teams. The new hires bring with them years of experience, with some having worked with major names like Codemasters, Curve Digital and Electronic Arts.

ripping up the rulebook: nfts could change gaming forever

Our CEO Tony Pearce talks to licensing.biz about how NFTs could revolutionise the way we play games. 

“This is a platform that is waiting for a tipping point. It will be the moment that a really big gaming IP comes into it, integrates NFTs seamlessly, and makes it super easy for people to understand. And that is happening.”

introducing rgg nft marketplaces with scuti

We’ve teamed up with Scuti to bring NFT marketplaces to their brand new gCommerce platform. Scuti is helping developers and publishers reach brand new revenue streams within game lobbies, and our NFT expertise will help create seamless and cross-title marketplaces.

reality clash enables “bladerunner ads” with admix

Flat advertising in AR games can be dull at best and distracting to the gameplay experience at worst. That’s we’ve teamed up with Admix to bring the “In-Play” teach into Reality Clash to create a Bladerunner style advertising experience without detracting from the flow of gameplay.

rgg teams up with mayweather for nft drop

Boxer Floyd Mayweather has teamed up with us and Zytara Labs, NFT production company and studio, to release exclusive NFT collectors items ahead of the historic fight with Logan Paul. Learn more about this words-first NFT experience!

doctor who card packs: available now

Free-to-play multiplayer game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart will be hitting PC and mobile next year, but fans can start their collection now. Packs of the cards can be purchased as of today, allowing you to start searching for your favourite characters from the sci-fi show.

Official ‘Doctor Who’ Merch Coming to Blockchain

BBC Studios has officially entered the blockchain gaming space after partnering with Reality Gaming Group to develop a digital trading game for the popular TV series, Doctor Who. This marks the broadcaster has used blockchain technology to market their intellectual property.

Admix powering AR In-Play ads in Reality Clash

Rather than simply overlay distracting adverts across a page while player, the Reality Clash Admix integration allows real-world ad integration that blends seamlessly with the AR gameplay experience of the game.

Sick of yield farming? Your liquidity could save Earth from Daleks

The decentralized finance craze has provided opportunities for token holders to stake their assets in a wide variety of liquidity pools. But for those who yearn for something a little more tangible, Reality Gaming Group has another option.


ASK INDIES – Where we ask indie developers one question related to indie games. Why are indie games better than AAA? Are they all part of the same ecosystem? Or does one need the other to survive? 

Game Developer Interview With Rgg’s Tony Pearce

This week we caught up with Tony Pearce, one of the main men behind Reality Gaming Group. Tony took time out of some really exciting projects to tell us a little about what he’s currently working on and share some of his experience in indie games…

IC WOAH! Coin offerings are continuing to excite us

Welcome to the first in a series of articles about the latest blockchain and video game crossovers that we hope will be of interest to you as a gamer, tech enthusiast, industry professional or as a crypto trader…

Top 50 blockchain game companies 2020

And so, this is it – our first Top 50 listing for the blockchain games sector. In keeping with the PocketGamer.biz approach for the mobile games sector, the point of this annual list is to highlight companies that are innovating within a fast-moving industry…


Reality Clash boosts RCC token accessibility

The Reality Clash team have been making some changes to its economy. To be more specific: changes to its native token – the RCC token – and involves a series of refunds and burning a percentage in circulation…

RC coins it with ICO and Augmented Reality

While gambling is interesting, perhaps it is another form of gaming – games – that may profit the most from ICOs, not least because augmented reality adds another layer of authenticly and ‘modernity’. 



Players of mobile AR combat game Reality Clash can now buy and sell limited-edition weapons and earn real money via OpenSea, the world’s largest general marketplace for crypto collectibles.


Blockchain games are really starting to take off. Since the inception of the genre with CryptoKitties, they have transcended past the novel idea of non-fungible tokens (NTFs) and owning an item forever and now look set to start disrupting the mainstream. 


RGG debuts platform to create & sell digital collectibles

The firm’s Digital Asset Trading (DAT) Platform uses blockchain technology to turn any IP into a rare and collectible digital asset that can be traded between fans using dedicated marketplaces.

GamesIndustry.biz: Counting on crypto with Rc

For this discussion, we’re joined by Reality Gaming Group co-founder Tony Pearce, whose team is working on Reality Clash – an augmented reality mobile shooter that allows users to buy and sell in-game weapons with real-world value…

BlockEx handles BTC, Ethereum + Rcc against euro.

BlockEx, a blockchain startup that caters to financial institutions, has announced the activation of its cryptocurrency exchange and that Sublime Group, a digital asset management company, has begun market making operations on it…

August – The Blockchain meets AR and VR Month

Hello and welcome to August, our deep dive into the world of blockchain-based Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects. Both AR and VR, albeit for different reasons, have to-date failed to engage as widely as many industry commentators had expected…

Reality Clash at PG Connects San Francisco 2018

Tony Pearce will contribute to our new cryptocurrency track by using his Reality Clash experience to divulge the good, bad and the ugly of ICOs, while FunPlus’s Shanti Bergel will add to the monetary focus of Day Two by discussing new ways…

Rgg adds Jamal Hirani to Rc’S advisory board

Mobile AR developer Reality Gaming Group has added Snatch creator Jamal Hirani to the advisory board for its first game Reality Clash. Snatch is a location-based, AR-enabled mobile game which tasks players with visiting real-world locations to pick up virtual parcels…


The partnership means Reality Clash players can create and host tournaments, win prizes, generate team sponsorship, chat, leverage a built-in marketplace for in-game items and maintain a profile identity on the blockchain…

Rgg Exceed ICO Target For AR Game Reality Clash

Reality Gaming Group has announced it’s raised over $3.5m through its new initial coin offering (ICO) to fund the development of its upcoming AR mobile combat game, Reality Clash…

AR Dev’S RGG Hires Hue Developer Henry Hoffman

Augmented reality developer Reality Gaming Group has hired Fiddlesticks Creative Director Henry Hoffman to work on its technology framework for upcoming free-to-play mobile shooter Reality Clash..