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ripping up the rulebook: nfts could change gaming forever

Our CEO Tony Pearce talks to licensing.biz about how NFTs could revolutionise the way we play games. 

“This is a platform that is waiting for a tipping point. It will be the moment that a really big gaming IP comes into it, integrates NFTs seamlessly, and makes it super easy for people to understand. And that is happening.”

introducing rgg nft marketplaces with scuti

We’ve teamed up with Scuti to bring NFT marketplaces to their brand new gCommerce platform. Scuti is helping developers and publishers reach brand new revenue streams within game lobbies, and our NFT expertise will help create seamless and cross-title marketplaces.

reality clash enables “bladerunner ads” with admix

Flat advertising in AR games can be dull at best and distracting to the gameplay experience at worst. That’s we’ve teamed up with Admix to bring the “In-Play” teach into Reality Clash to create a Bladerunner style advertising experience without detracting from the flow of gameplay.

rgg teams up with mayweather for nft drop

Boxer Floyd Mayweather has teamed up with us and Zytara Labs, NFT production company and studio, to release exclusive NFT collectors items ahead of the historic fight with Logan Paul. Learn more about this words-first NFT experience!

doctor who card packs: available now

Free-to-play multiplayer game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart will be hitting PC and mobile next year, but fans can start their collection now. Packs of the cards can be purchased as of today, allowing you to start searching for your favourite characters from the sci-fi show.