Jan 24, 2019

Mobile AR Combat Game Reality Clash Begins Phased Global Rollout

 VRfocus.com – 17.01.19 Niantic’s Pokemon GO might be seen as the poster child for augmented reality (AR) videogames on mobile, but there are plenty of other looking to usurp the title from its podium. Today, Reality Gaming Group has announced the long-awaited arrival of its more ambitious combat experience, Reality Clash, for iOS and Android..

Jan 16, 2019

Top 10 Most Anticipated Blockchain Games for 2019

blockchaingamer.biz – 15.01.19 The start of the year is a time to look forward and there’s nothing more exciting to look forward to than new games. So, with that in mind, here – listed in alphabetic order – are our most anticipated blockchain games in 2019…

Dec 13, 2018

Reality Clash Teams up with SubTV

blockchaingamer.biz – 13.12.18 Reality Clash has been working through the streets and grassroots for a while. In the past, this has included collaboration with universities with the release of its beta. According to the team, this now includes a partnership with the youth broadcaster, SubTV…  

Oct 17, 2018

Final Call for Reality Clash Beta

blockchaingamer.biz – 16.10.18 While time is running out, the Reality Clash team reiterates that there’s still time to get involved. And for those that do, they’ll be in with a chance of winning a very unique reward…

Oct 17, 2018

Successes Made, Lessons Learned. Reality Clash One Year on

blockchaingamer.biz – 11.10.18 Building a company isn’t easy. Certainly not if you’re in the blockchain space. But luckily we have Tony Pearce of Reality Clash to talk to us about the trials, challenges and eventual success that comes with launching a blockchain game…

Oct 17, 2018

Oscar Clark – The Anatomy of a token

blockchaingamer.biz – 19.09.18 One of the most intriguing game design challenges I have been involved with over the last few years came with my work on Reality Clash – an ICO funded location-based AR Shooter due for test release later this year…

Oct 17, 2018

London’s First Crypto-Only Shop to open for one week

digitalstrategyconsulting.com – 31.08.18 Both initiatives are the brainchild of the Reality Gaming Group, which has joined forces with Soho Radio and Jägermeister to give London’s consumers the opportunity to find out how to buy and use cryptocurrency – with visitors to the store being given free masterclasses…

Oct 17, 2018

Most Anticipated VR & AR Blockchain Game Projects

blockchaingamer.biz – 27.08.18 One further technology which brings both these elements together in a novel manner is Augmented and Virtual Reality, which has used the emergence blockchain to give itself a new lease of life. Given that’s the case, and to round of our August theme, we’ve decided…